We are closing orders as of April 3rd, 2022. All orders that were placed prior to this date will be shipped out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and support. I will make a post on Twitter explaining the decision and my plans moving forward.

about us

  iya, AKA czechwun is a 21-year-old trans non-binary artist based in brooklyn, ny. from a young age, storytelling has always inspired them as it helped them interpret how they were feeling and how they see the world. to this day, storytelling still plays an important role in their life's work. in recent years, they have been going to school and during the pandemic, they finally began getting to work on selling prints-- as someone who is now living on their own, this has been one of their ways of earning income for survival. supporting this small business will not only help iya with basic necessities, but it will also allow them to eventually build an inventory and will allow them to do small pop-ups in the future. sharing their art with the world has been their greatest pleasure, as it has been an escape for some as well. their goal is to inspire people and make them feel seen.   thank you for all of the support and love you guys send.