"slowly becoming"


at this point in my life


i realize why i hate a body like mine


i do not hate every inch of it,


just my arms, 


my hands,


my chest,


my figure.


i believe that i was born into the wrong body


and now all i can do is


find a way to do something about it.


at this point in my life 


i know i have had so many distractions occur


and when i am alone and aware,


i see everything that should not be there.


every day i walk on the street, i hear:




"young lady!"


i don't know why,


but these words make me feel so small. 


every day i shrink


and each day that i shrink


i conform to these words


sometimes i feel that i should be a girl 


for a passerby's comfort


and i know the way i dress,




and talk 


is seen as feminine


but i know that is not my truth.


i know that my body is just a canvas,


i can mold it to a design,


the way i want it to be


i know that i can become